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Valod is a town midway between Bardoli and Songadh ( our place), in Gujarat and is located about 50 kilometers east of Surat. The famous Valmiki river passes through Valod and gets its name from Valmiki the great writer of Ramayana and other religious books. Most inhabitants are from other backgrounds mostly Brahmins, Jain and conservative Muslims who co-exist in perfect communal harmony. Valod is best known for its women's factory popular for its Papad production Mahila Gruh Udyog LijjatPapad- which was started in the 1960s by Kiku Shah. Valod enjoys a Tropical Savanna climate, moderated by winds from the Arabian Sea. The summer begins in early March and lasts till June. April and May being the hottest months with average maximum temperature touchingg 40 °C. Monsoon begins in late June and continues till the end of September, with the average maximum being 32 °C during those months. October and November see the retreat of the monsoon and a return of high temperatures till late November. Winter starts in December and ends in late February, with average temperatures of around 23 °C . Very often heavy monsoon rain brings floods in the valmiki basin area. In last two decades, the town has witnessed major floods every four years, the worst being the flood in the month of August perhaps the costliest in the town's history.
Half of the town depends on agriculture such as; sugar cane, tomatoes, and aubergine. And in fruits are mangoes Agriculture products are sold on Monday's during the market day. The stall keepers from various places sell anything from needles to agriculture products. And the most bread earned is by lijjat Pappad ruby pappad.
Valod has an IT college and science college on Bardoli Road. Along with the colleges, Valod has two high schools and one gujarati school. Most household members have graduate level degrees. With girls continuing to receive higher education, a rising number of the population are becoming doctors, and the number of engineering degrees are increasing.
For the Educational growth & demand of people, Government library has been established in 05.11.1970. The founder librarian was Mr. K.R. Parmar.

In Valod they are having two historical temples - One is "Sidhi Sidhi Peshwai Ganesh Temple" and "Mankameshwar Mahadev Temple"- Both are having their own importance and not only in Gujarat but also famouse all over India for their religious importance.

Mostly people come from this area are shy and introverts. They believe in their own traditions and do not feel comfortable in front of recording equipment and social media. They have discussed many things about their area of work but were uneasy to give their pictures and interviews. 

During this project, Our students had captured many pictures of the area and they are:

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