Dear Parents,
Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make as a parent. Your child’s future opportunities depend so much on the basic grounding he or she receives during their formative years. Parents look for a strong, stable environment that supports their beliefs and instills the right values in their children. It is the bend of the twig that decides the trees inclination. Similar is the decision that the parents and the guardians get to make while zeroing in on an institution which not only provides a sound base but also keeps inventing itself to keep a pace with modernity.

A child’s mind is absorbent and always hungry for information. We ensure a healthy balance by encouraging creative, participative hard work in the classroom as well as plenty of physical exercise, a range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities for recreational play. By providing a nurturing and disciplined environment we hope to steer your child towards success both as a vibrant individual and as a inclusive member of society. We aim to produce individuals who are wholesome and significant contributors to their communities as well as a global society. With an emphasis placed on good citizenship, our expectation is that all of our students will strive to achieve personal excellence.

The individual learning needs of our students are our first priority. We offer our young people the opportunity to engage in extra curricular activities that are enriching and educational. Our reputation in music, drama, cultural activities and in various sports is well deserved. We encourage our students to become involved in the school’s co-curricular program. In partnership with parents, we play a part in the growth of our students into mature and well adjusted young adults. Indeed, our eyes are firmly set on the students' future as well as the present improvement. As a school we are always looking for improvement in various ways. Bringing out the best in our current pupils is our priority, but we also seek to bring out the best in the school’s structures and programs as we adjust to the ever-changing demands.

N.K. Khanna

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